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Questions to consider 

Getting Started

Questions to Consider:

* What is your topic?

* What is your overall interest in this topic? 

* What brought you to this topic?

* What do you want to know about this topic (what questions are you asking)? 

* How much background knowledge & experience do you have with this topic?

* What resources would help with your research of this topic?

* Is the literature saturated with this topic, or have you noticed a gap?

Coaching & Motivation

Questions to Consider:

* What is your timeline? 

* What do you do to relieve stress or anxiety? 

* How have you engaged your family in this process?  

* How do you reward yourself after your allotted research / writing time? 

* Are you allowing yourself any down-time? 

* Do you know what your “next steps” are? 

Proposal Development

Questions to Consider:

* What proposal format should you be following? 

* Have you selected a chair and committee members? 

* Does your committee have a background with your proposed topic?

* Has your committee agreed on your topic selection, focus, and direction? 

* Do you have relevant research questions and sound methodology to answer these questions? 

* What is your proposal timeline?  

Data Analysis

Questions to Consider:

* Does your research protocol align with your research questions or hypotheses?

* Who at your university can assist you with methodology setup and data analysis?

* Does your data help you answer your research questions or prove your hypotheses?

* Are your findings surprising, or what you anticipated?

* How do your findings add to the overall body of knowledge in your field? 

IRB Submission

Questions to Consider:

* Are you familiar with the IRB process at your university? 

* Have you reviewed the IRB application?

* Have you discussed IRB submission with your research chair?

* What is your timeline for IRB submission after your proposal defense?

* How will you keep yourself engaged while waiting for IRB approval?

* Are you ready to begin your research once you receive IRB approval? 

Choosing (& Keeping) a Committee

Questions to Consider:

* What is your selection criteria? 

* Who are you targeting as a research chair?

* Who are you targeting as committee members?

* What is your communication plan with your research chair?

* What is your communication plan with your committee?

* How will you keep everyone engaged?

Your Final Defense

Questions to Consider:

* Do you know what defense protocol to follow?

* Has all members of your committee had enough time to read your document prior to your defense?

* Have you considered and heeded all comments and suggestions from all committee members?

* Have you prepared your defense presentation?

* Has your research chair reviewed and approved your final defense presentation?

* Have you rehearsed your final defense prior to the actual defense day/time?

* Have you anticipated the questions that will be asked of your during your defense?

After Your Final Defense

Questions to Consider:

* What are your next steps once your final defense is complete?

* Do you know what the editing protocol of your university is?

* Do you know what the publishing protocol of your university is?

* What are you going to do to celebrate your success?

* How will you want to be addressed moving forward, Dr.?

Your Writing

Questions to Consider:

* Is your writing commensurate with doctoral-level expectations? 

* Does your writing follow standard English conventions?

* Does your writing include transitions? 

* Does one chapter flow into the next? 

* Have you answered your research questions or addressed your hypotheses fully?

Preparing For Publication (My Editing)

Questions to Consider:

* Have you followed institution-required formatting (APA, MLS, or other)? 

* Are your citations complete, do your links work, and are they correctly formatted?

* What are your institutional requirements for headers/footers/page numbers/margins?  

* Did you follow standard English conventions (spelling, grammar, punctuation counts!)

* Does your paper flow?

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