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Stuck writing your dissertation?

Having problems getting started?

Not making progress? 

Feeling stressed or frustrated?

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My Services

Getting Started

Gearing up for the inevitable can be the most difficult.  I will help you get organized as you think about a research chair, compile your research, and start the process.


Proposal Development

A sound, working proposal engages your committee and sends the message you are the master of your research.  I will help you create your document and help align it to general university guidelines.

Coaching & Motivation

Throughout your journey I provide motivational strategies to keep you engaged moving forward.

Data Analysis

Interpretation and analysis of your data endorses you as master of your study.  I will help you present your information relevant to your research questions and/or hypotheses.

Submitting to IRB

Submitting to the IRB is an important element to the process.  I will help you prepare your IRB application. 

Choosing (and Keeping) A Committee

Who are you targeting as your chair?  Who are you targeting as your committee?  I will help you talk through your possibilities, as well as keeping them engaged along the way.

Final Defense

Your toe is nearly across the finish line at this point.  I will help you gear up for your final defense, walk you through the process, and review your presentation,

The After Effects

There may be times when you have revisions to make after your final defense.  I will help you work through those revisions, and help prepare the document for final review.

Preparing for the dissertation can be a nebulous, confusing, frustrating, and exciting task. It is the pinnacle of the academic experience, as well as a personal and professional victory.

It is an evolutionary journey of discovery that can take many twists and turns along the way, sometimes leaving you with thoughts of giving up or jumping ship.

Responsibility for completion, ultimately, rests on you and educating yourself about the process and knowing what is in front of you is the first step toward success.  

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